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Established:            February 2016
Description:            Pure watermelon water beverage.
Founders:               Oliver Bolton
Head Office:           London, UK
Industry:                 Food & Drink, Health, Wellness
Website:                 www.whatamelonwater.com
Locations:              Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Holland & Barrett, Itsu, Abokado, Wholefoods, Planet Organic. For a full list of stockists - click here


Introducing What A Melon: the all-natural, mouth-watering taste of summer that's packed full of electrolytes. Made with just half a watermelon, a splash of spring water, and a squeeze of lemon. No added sugar, nothing artificial, never from concentrate.

People say it's a delicious alternative to coconut water since it's packed full of rehydrating electrolytes. But the truth is it's even better than coconut water (although you didn't hear that from us!). Unlike coconut water, What A Melon contains the awesome antioxidant lycopene and the muscle-loving amino acid citrulline, which means it's perfect for your post-workout parch AND your summer party groove!

This summer is all about watermelon and that means it's all about What A Melon... your all-natural, no bits, no pips, hydration station.

We are an independent British soft drinks company specialising in health and hydration drinks. Our mission is to create drinks that not only improve consumers' health but also do society some good. 

'What A Melon' is one of our most recent launches. However, we also manufacture the Alibi heath drinks brand that has become one of the most consumed soft drinks in schools, colleges, and universities in the European market. 

In 2014, we partnered with Swiss biotech firm Aurum Switzerland AG and we are currently in the process of creating NPD for launch in 2017. New drinks will carry a new and patented immunotherapy ingredient called Au+, which is currently going through regulatory approval in Europe and the US.

We’re incredibly proud to be approved as the first European ‘B Corp’ in soft drinks. B Corps are for-profit businesses that have social and environmental outcomes as part of their mission. It's like a Fairtrade product stamp, but for the whole company. We are certified by the non-profit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.


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Oliver Bolton - Co-founder, CEO


Tom Procter - Co-founder, COO


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Head Office  
Address:              12 Celbridge Mews
                             London W2 6EU

Press Contact:    info@prezzroom.com



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Watermelon water brand What a Melon launches in the UK


Watermelon water brand What a Melon has launched in the UK, with its first listings in Whole Foods and Planet Organic.

What a Melon is described as “a deliciously hydrating, 100% natural watermelon water” that’s packed full of potassium and electrolytes, and set to offer consumers in the UK “the mouth-watering taste of summer” in a handy carton pack.

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We are extremely excited to launch What A Melon to the market. Not only does it taste better than coconut water, but also given its nutritional properties we believe it stands tall in the health drinks category against its main competitors. Our focus here is not to create a war with coconut water, but to use a light hearted rivalry borne from a pure love of watermelon to catapult What A Melon into the consumer conciseness.
— Olly Bolton, Co-founder