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Established:           2016
Description:           Australian fashionable beach towels made from cutting edge fabric technology.
CEO:                       Jacky Lam and Volkan Ozbek
Head Office:          Sydney, Australia
Locations:              Exclusively available on 
Industry:                 Fashion and Technology


We are an Australian company selling on-trend beach towels, but there's a lot more going on for a Tesalate towel than its insatiably good looks. Utilising cutting-edge textile technology we've created towels that sand will not stick to. Using out exclusive AbsorbLite™ microfiber (80% polyester + 20% polyamide) we bring you a towel that is simply smarter than the rest.


Unlike regular towels where sand can get caught in loop fibres, AbsorbLite’s smooth and silk engineering allows for sand to slip off easily. So you leave the beach at the beach.


This baby will retain up to a litre of water. The wetter you get, the better.


No more bulky towels. The lightweight nature of AbsorbLite™ means our towels roll up into a compact size to fit into your tote.


Easily one of our favourite features of AbsorbLite™ fabric. A Tesalate towel is engineered to dry in half the time than the regular for no more post-dip soggy towels.

Our Story

The idea for Tesalate came to Jacky and Volkan, the founders of the company, when they were taking a hike to a secluded beach in Royal National Park in Sydney. After hauling their big heavy beach towels all day they started questioning why there were no towels (that they knew of) that look good and are functional. 

Having been entrepreneurs since they met, they knew they could make something much better than the sandy, heavy, slow drying towels that they were lugging around. Fast forward 8 months of researching, designing, and stressing, they launched Tesalate and started selling at Bondi Beach Markets. In that short time, they nearly sold out twice in a single Australian summer. 

In the few months since Tesalate was launched online, it has totally blown up and has been featured in numerous fashion and tech blogs, travel websites, top fashion and lifestyle magazines, and international broadcast media. Tesalate has quickly become a brand with a worldwide customer base. 

Tesalate developed over 50 prototypes before they officially launched. They have put a lot of love and passion into making every product great, but are always striving to make it better. 

Jacky and Volkan still make time for the beach and travel with their Tesalate towels firmly at their side! 

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Head Office         
Address:              New South Wales, Australia
                             PO Box 81, Dulwich Hill NSW 2203

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Lonely Planet - No more dragging half the beach home as an Australian company has invented a sand-free towel

While we all adore going to the beach, one of the slightly annoying things is dragging a heavy, wet towel home at the end of the day and half of the beach with it. Australian company Tesalate hopes to change that, however, as it has invented a towel that it says is lightweight, absorbent and best of all, will remain sand-free.

Business Insider - Sand doesn't stick to this towel even when its wet

The makers say the towel is engineered to dry in "half the time of regular post-dip soggy towels."

Travel and Leisure- This Anti-Sand Towel Is a Must for Your Next Beach Trip

Now you can leave the beach at the beach.

USA TODAY - Travel Necessities for Women that You'll want to buy Immediately

The days of tracking sand into cars, hotel rooms and luggage are over. With these groundbreaking towels, you simply shake it off and go. 

Elle Germany - So cool: Diese Strandhandtücher trocknen schnell und sind sandabweisend!

ndlich! Es scheint als hätte das australische Label Tesalate unsere Wünsche erhört. Ihre „AbsorbLite“ Handtücher sind leicht, trocknen schneller als herkömmliche und – das absolute Highlight – sie sind sandabweisend! 

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The days of tracking sand into cars, hotel rooms and luggage are over. This Australian company knows a thing or two about beaches, and they’ve created beautifully-designed towels that are compact, fast-drying and lightweight.
— USA Today
Loved these Towels. We cart so many things out to the beach. Chairs, tent, lounger,’s great that the towels wrap up so small!! Sand repels right off. And with the humidity & salt water in the air my regular beach towels take forever to dry! These dry fast! I bought one or me & one for my husband. I plan to get more my sons or guests, as I do not want to share mine! Thanks!!
— Christine T.