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Established:            2017
Description:            We discover innovative brands and the stories behind them. 
Head Office:           London, UK
Locations:               Global
Industry:                 Technology, news, media, press, public relations, journalism


So, you’ve just started your business. Your website is finished, products are ready to ship, and you’ve got a hungry team eager to seize the moment. All that’s left now is getting the word out about that amazing product. Simple enough, right?

While good publicity forms part of the the crux of a successful business, most small business owners simply don’t have time to take this work on themselves. Between ordering inventory and managing employees, marketing their company is the last thing on their mind. And with a smaller budget than larger corporations, hiring a PR firm to do the legwork for them just isn’t feasible.

A simple press kit holds the solution. Whether you’re launching a new coconut water or the latest Instagram-killing app, a press kit is one of your most important assets. It shows off your product to its full potential and consolidates in one place all the information that reporters and bloggers need to share your product with the world.

This is where Prezzroom comes in. We take the stress of sourcing publicity out of your hands. Our digital platform curates new brands to be promoted and featured, simplifying the process of putting together a press kit and drawing in journalistic interest. All without the hefty price tag demanded by PR firms. Plus we help guide founders and business owners with best practice for hacking the press, tips from top journalists, and a solid distribution network.

Our History                

As founders of our own growing businesses, we often found ourselves scurrying to track down information, materials, and images that journalists could use to promote our products with little to no time. Sometimes we were so rushed, we didn't get the important story we wanted to convey out there.

We, like many start-up founders, found PR to be very expensive. Someone once told us never to hire a PR agency as a start-up, and what did we do? Hire two, and neither got us the targeted, continuous exposure we were able to get for ourselves.

We asked bloggers and journalists about their experiences reporting on new businesses. They told us that 9 out of 10 simply didn’t have enough information on their website for a coherent and interesting story. Many even lacked a press contact, leaving journalists hurried, frustrated, and under pressure – not exactly a recipe for a great piece.

So a few of us – a blogger, journalist, founder, and PR rep – started looking up best in class press kits. We realised that it was best practice to have a robust press room. After more research, we found that the start-ups with all-inclusive press rooms are best positioned for the most accurate and positive coverage.

We now believe that supplying great content online in an easily accessible format for journalists and writers is so powerful to building your brand. When you think about it, it’s a no-brainer.

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PRESS articles

How to Create a Press Kit That Gets Publicity for Your Business

How can business owners make it easy for websites, magazines and publishers to want to publish content talking about your business? With a press kit.

Hacking the Press: Clever Ways to Get Free Press Coverage with Zero Budget

Our personal favourite article: We’re going to look at some of the most clever ways you can get any influencer or journalist’s attention, even in a crowded space, so you can get more traffic and sales for your business.

If the door is closed, we’ll jump through the window.

How to Land Your Business in the Press: 6 Tactics and 5 Tools

Great press advice from the current in-house Public Relations Manager at Shopify. 

Deconstructing PR: Advice From A Former VentureBeat Writer

The aim of this article is to deconstruct the PR process for entrepreneurs, in the hopes that you will be able to better optimize your chances for coverage in the future. If you can understand the process in which journalists write articles, then you will understand exactly what a writer needs and can greatly improve your chances of coverage.


A frequent complaint of journalists is that they cannot quickly and easy find the public relations contacts on a media website.
— PR Newswire
One of the simplest ways to please any journalist, blogger, or even potential investor, is to have a easy-to-find press kit linked to your site.

The less digging for remedial elements, complicated ideas, facts and figures, etc., the more a reporter can focus on his or her main mission: telling a great story to their readers.
— All Journalists, Bloggers, Vloggers, Influencers
Press releases with images get 18% more engagement. Releases that include video get 55% more engagement.
— HubSpot
‘Power middle’ influencers (those with 2,500 to 25,000 monthly visitors) can drive sixteen times more engagement than your own organic content or other paid media. And a US study found that $1 invested in influencer marketing drives $23 ROI annually, more than ten times that of an average banner advert.
— The Real Time Report

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