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Members’ club and lifestyle management service
Romi Sumaria, Shonil Sumaria, Keyu Sumaria
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London, UK
Entertainment, Social, Food & Drink, Health & Wellness, Apps


Oblique is, in part, a reaction to the increasingly digitised London social scene. We found that no one was talking to each other in person any more. The Oblique Life revives personal socialising, and we’ve created an app to facilitate these connections and make it easier to find and join the events and experiences that interest you.

We are the Sumaria brothers – Romi, Shonil, and Keyu – and together we founded Oblique in 2013. Our
motivation was a shared vision of a new kind of members’ club – one that redefines and repersonalises the way millennials connect, and helps them to unlock the best experiences across London and beyond.

A truly international city, London has incredible things to offer. Its population is global, its food scene unparalleled. It’s at the vanguard of culture, fashion, technology, design, and music, and is a worldwide travel portal. Yet it can be hard to meet genuine, interesting, and sociable people face to face.

We’re unlike any other members’ club because we don’t restrict you to one location. With 65 partners across the city – brands, venues, restaurants, bars – there are countless benefits at your fingertips. Our members are chosen by their interests rather than their status, industry, or income, so it’s easy to forge genuine and long lasting connections. Plus, we’ve created an Oblique app that lets you access and book everything quickly and simply while on the move. When you become a member, you join a community of sociable and genuine people who connect over incredible, bespoke experiences in all seven leisure categories: culture, food and drink, health, music, fashion, technology, and travel. This could be anything from an intimate private screening in an art gallery to an RnB night in a penthouse apartment overlooking the capital; a personalised yacht week in the Mediterranean to a Sicilian pasta making class hosted by an expert Italian chef.

As well as unlocking the city, The Oblique Life gives you access to our Make It Happen service. You tell us what you imagine for your night, day, weekend or week and we design it. You need a venue for a big birthday, want to take a life­drawing class with friends or go on the trip of a lifetime? We’ll organise it from start to finish. Think of us as your proactive, connected friends, the ones who know the best places and make it happen. Make it Happen is accessible at any time through the app.


Romi Sumaria

Romi Sumaria is Oblique’s co­-founder and CEO. When he founded Oblique with his two brothers back in 2013, they set out to create a members’ club with a few important differences. Ultimately, they wanted to connect people over unique, premium experiences and make them feel like VIPs, without asking them to pay a hefty membership fee and without restricting them to one location. The aim was to create a members’ club for like­-minded millennials – smart people who were looking for new ways to meet each other.

Since 2013, the business has experienced incredible success. It now has 65 partner venues in London alone, and isexpanding across Europe. Romi’s background in banking – he is an HSBC alumni – has furnished him with an extensive understanding of what makes a company viable. He approaches Oblique with the same rigour as an investor and knows how to adapt the business as it expands. His time in the financial industry has also endowed him with the tenacious work ethic needed by any startup.

Shonil Sumaria

Shonil Sumaria is Oblique’s CFO. For many years, the Oblique concept was something he had looked for, but never found. Recognising that there was a gaping hole in the market for a millennials’ members’ club, he and his brother Romi founded it themselves. As the business goes from strength to strength, it is testament to the strong family values of togetherness, positive energy, and sociability that allows the brothers to offer their members only the very best experiences.

Prior to founding Oblique, Shonil was one of the original team at startup KweekWeek, an events discovery and ticketing platform. As well as an in­depth knowledge of the London events scene, he expanded his understanding of mobile app development and digital marketing in this role. Shonil is also a management accountant and currently works at Unilever in financial management, working at a strategic and operational level. His skills spanning digital marketing and finance have proved invaluable at Oblique and led to his dual role in the company.

Keyu Sumaria

Keyu Sumaria studies Spanish and management at University College London and is currently completing his year abroad in Madrid where he has been perfecting his Spanish. His role in Oblique is twofold: he provides valuable insight into the socialising wants and needs of the all-­important Generation Y, which is extremely important for the future development of the business, and he also leads the student arm of the company, named EDDIE.

This branch of Oblique tailors events in the capital to the student community, allowing them to diversify their experiences alongside studying and also facilitating work experience.

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The private members’ club and lifestyle management service
Luxuria Lifestyle

The Oblique Life is a new kind of members’ club – one that redefines and re-personalises the way millennials meet and helps you to unlock the best experiences across London and beyond.


“As a London based millennial, The Oblique Life has truly enriched my life and opened doors I never knew existed through various services on offer including interesting and unique events, an on-call 24/7 concierge service and incredible trips.”

Rahim, Real Estate Developer

“A great membership with a balance throughout a variety of social elements from food and drink to fashion! I also love how helpful Oblique concierge is at organising and suggesting restaurants, bars and exhibitions around London tailored to my interests.”

Andrea, Fashion Designer

“Since joining the Oblique membership almost a year ago, the team have been absolutely awesome; helping me find & book some of the coolest bars & restaurants across London (while managing to save me money!), introducing me to various new networks and, of course, some great parties! There really isn’t a service out there offering anything comparable to the Oblique Life!”

James, Investment Banking

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