Online food markets are experiencing a boom as consumers across the UK seek greater
variety and higher quality than can be offered at most local supermarkets and green grocers.
With food and drink from around the nation brought together under a single platform, you
can now be spoilt for choice from the comfort of your own home. But with so many different
markets to choose from, it’s hard to know which one is right for you.

For any foodies reading this, however, your search should begin and end at Farmshoplarder is an independent business that takes online food
delivery up a notch. Unlike other markets, they only offer British food. So although this
means you won’t find olive oil on their site (check out their impressive collection of rapeseed
oils), it also means that every product you buy is guaranteed to support British producers
making honest British food.

And their products’ origin isn’t the only selling point. Farmshoplarder specially curates every
item in its market. That means you’ll only be buying the best of the best. Their site is a
cornucopia of award-winning products, from caramelised fig chutneys to smoked seafood
charcuterie. High quality is guaranteed as food and drink comes from small-batch producers
who hand-pick their produce.

Farmshoplarder works directly with artisan producers and small farmers so you really know
where your food has come from. That’s why they don’t use third party distributors. They
connect foodies with the people that make it, and in doing so raise awareness and help grow
those small business. That’s one independent business supporting tens of others.

You can find profiles of all the producers on the site. Get to know Lou who’s up in
Lincolnshire making luxury brownies using only the very best single origin dark chocolate
from Colombia and Madagascar. Or Benjamin, a man passionate about British-made spirits
who distils vodka in the rolling countryside of rural Northamptonshire using coriander,
liquorice, cardamom, orris root, and lemon infused with handpicked elderflower.

In many ways, the site replicates the experience of actually travelling the country, meeting
producers, and eating the best that Britain has to offer, just as certified foodie and
Farmshoplarder founder Rebecca Lacey did. Farmshoplarder was born out of Rebecca’s
frustration at not being able to share great local tastes with family and friends elsewhere. So
began her journey to connect food-lovers with people that produce gorgeous food.

Let your taste buds roam the country. Head to now and never look

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