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A small-batch artisan line of all organic, non-binary vaginal wellness products
Lindsay Wynn, Taylor Samuelsen
Head Office:
262 Taaffe pl. #315 Brooklyn NY 11205
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Made in small batches in Portland, Oregon, Momotaro Apotheca is an 100% organic, non-binary vaginal wellness company that supports the physiological challenges and quality of life issues associated with the nuanced aspects of sexual and reproductive health. Launching with their hero product, the Multi-Use Salve, each existing and new product is developed with specific consideration of issues such as Bacterial Vaginosis, Yeast Infections and general discomfort and irritation from sex, exercise and clothing.

Products are always plant based, organic and intentionally crafted to be a part of a positive and compassionate conversation about how gentler, systemically more effective, natural products are essential for health, wellbeing, and self care.


Lindsay Wynn & Taylor Samuelsen

Momotaro Apotheca was co-founded by Lindsay Wyn and Taylor Samuelson in Portland, Oregon in 2019. The seed was first planted a few years back when Lindsay began experiencing chronic yeast infections and Bacterial Vaginosis and was left to rely on conventional, over-the-counter medicine that inhibited long-term healing of her symptoms.

After countless trials and tribulations, Lindsay and Taylor (who were in a committed relationship at the time) took a deeper dive into self education on all things vagina-related and found that people have been successfully using natural homeopathic remedies for years. After months of prototyping products, speaking with experts, experimenting with ingredients and formulas and expanding their understanding of the issues they aimed to support, one of Momotaro Apotheca’s first products was born, the Multi-Use Salve.

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262 Taaffe pl. #315 Brooklyn NY 11205
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How to build a healthier relationship with yourself

Think about the time when you got your first period. Was it scary? Shocking? Confusing? Now think about the first time you experienced a yeast infection.

Vagina-care products so pretty you won’t mind having them on display

There is a mini-boom of cool-looking vaginal care and cleansing products that are as #shelfieworthy as Korean skin care and as chic as a jar of La Mer.


“I’ve struggled with yeast infections and bladder infections my entire life. The struggle is real and uncomfortable. I was so happy to find Momotaro. Almost immediately the pain and irritation goes away once I use it. I 100% recommend this to my friends.”

“I will be forever grateful that this salve came into my life. After suffering with chronic vaginal symptoms for years, I tried everything. I was put on prescription drugs that gave me a severe allergic reaction that I’ve been trying to heal ever since. This salve is MAGIC. Within the first use, I could feel it working. I honestly don’t know where I’d be without it but it is the most healing product on the market for any symptoms ranging to severe or mild!”

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