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A complete, balanced & all-natural meal replacement
Lauren Benbassat, Adam Benbassat
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New York, USA
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mēle is the meal replacement for those looking for an all-natural, low-glycemic, and complete source of nutrition. Created by busy professionals, mēle (pronounced meal) provides a quick, healthy meal during hectic work and travel days. It is the first meal replacement that offers balanced nutrition, plus real, great tasting ingredients in one easy-to-mix shake.

mēle is a powdered shake mix made from freeze-dried fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grass-fed whey protein that have been blended together to create a perfect macro-nutrient balance of about 35 percent protein, 40 percent carbs and 25 percent fat, plus lots of omegas and fibre. Each two-serving pouch contains 500 calories of real ingredients that can simply be mixed with water or your favourite type of milk (almond, coconut, etc.) to provide a full meal in under 30 seconds. For a light meal or snack, users can also have a half pouch (250 calories) and save the other half for later by closing the re-sealable pouch.

mēle believe in wholesome eating and have formulated the perfect combination of real ingredients to give you a balanced, delicious, and fulfilling meal to enjoy even on your busiest days.

mēle has been selected to be in Good Goods SoHo launching at 121 Prince St, SoHo, NYC this fall starting on Oct 2, 2017! Good Goods is a collaborative lifestyle store that represents a new generation of makers and embracing the small-batch, the limited editions, and the one-of-a-kind.


Our History

Founded by Lauren & Adam Benbassat in 2016, Core Supplements, LLC released its flagship product, mēle, an all-natural meal replacement to provide a healthy, complete, and convenient meal alternative. In a world that isn’t slowing down, with people more aware of health and wellness needs than ever before, there is a strong need for well-balanced and natural food sources that can be consumed on-the-go. mēle is the answer to that need, and Core Supplements, LLC is proud to be fuelling its customers as they strive to maintain a healthy diet on their busiest days.




Lauren Benbassat – Founder

Lauren has 8+ years in marketing/design/sales with her most recent position being Marketing Director at a nationwide publication and data company. Her passion for health and wellness became very apparent when working long hours in a corporate NYC job. After a lot of research, Lauren decided to take a leap of faith and hope that other young professionals feel the same way about healthy eating on a busy schedule.

Lauren has been a ballet dancer her entire life, this has also played a huge aspect in her passion & love for taking care of her body and feeding/fuelling it correctly. Working a stressful corporate job made it very difficult for her so, there was only one way around it… A Solution!

Adam Benbassat – Founder

Adam practices corporate law at at top-tier NYC firm and has a CPA, Masters in Accounting and Law degree from Cornell. He became frustrated with long working hours and the associated lack of a healthy diet having been a sportsman his whole life. So he started working alongside Lauren to create a healthy, nutritional meal replacement.

Adam was a wrestler and has been weight-training since he was a teenager. He is also very passionate about movement, and balanced living and has always been searching for clean products that provide enough protein, fiber and, in addition healthy fats.


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New York, USA
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Do Busy Lifestyles Need Meal Replacement Fixes?- BREAKING MUSCLE

These shakes are packed full of filling protein and nutrition without all of the fillers and chemicals found in traditional protein powder mixes. It is a great shake to mix on the go after a workout or while traveling, but tastes better blended. Mele donates 10% of profits to feed the hungry. The full size shakes are very filling, and are an excellent choice as a meal replacement or as a post-workout shake.

All-natural meal replacement? We found it for you! – HEALTH BUSTERS

Have you ever wanted a meal replacement product without additives, antibiotics, artificial flavoring, coloring, hormones, or trans fats? We found it! And guess what, it is also non-gmo and contains grass-fed organic whey, which is the purest form of whey.

Mele Shake All Natural Meal Replacement- MOLLY O’SHEA

Do you ever get so caught up in your day that you forget to eat? Or maybe it’s the case of you want to eat, but you don’t have time to stop and get something that will nourish your body. That’s been my life since I moved to New York 4 months ago. I love the fast paced lifestyle but man it’s hard to nourish your body properly when you’re running around all the time! Enter Mēle, an all-natural meal replacement shake.

Mele. The #1 most quick and easy way to eat healthy today- BURN BRIGHTER COACHING

Buried in Instagram, I had just found the answer to my clients’ (and my own) biggest daily struggle. How to get healthy foods in their busy bodies, without slowing them down.


Differs from those other chalky meal replacement products because the ingredients are impressive!

I Started My Own Wellness Company- Here’s How I Did It – BLOOM

For the past few years in corporate life, I had developed routines to work around my crazy busy schedule. It started with small things like skipping breakfast and leaning on coffee for energy, which led to unhealthy snacking leading up to lunch. It was fairly normal to realize it was 4 pm and I hadn’t eaten a real meal all day.


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