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Wellness brand known for their instant superfood latte blends
Emily Leefe-foster, Amy Leefe-jones
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Glow Flow Chefs is a wellness brand started by twin sisters, Amy and Emily. Through life and health coaching, workshops, online programs, and product offerings, the duo helps people enhance their health and happiness so they can reach their full potential.

Together they create personalized lifestyle plans that assist clients in feeling vibrant, energized, and confident (glowing and flowing). The company launched its line of super-powered latte blends in the UK in February 2017.

Our Services

Nutrition & Wellness Consulting

As certified health coaches, Amy and Emily take pride in sharing the information they’ve learned through years of research, training, and their own personal experiences.

With this offering, Amy and Emily will work with you to create a plan distinct to your situation or desires. We are all unique beings – what works well for someone may not work well for someone else. That’s why we stress the importance of one on one consulting if you have specific ailments or desires you’d like met.

Our goal is to help clients understand the importance of whole food diets, to discover foods that work well for their personal bodies, and most importantly to feel confident in their skin.

We will help you make decisions about what to eat, find time to prepare food, work with you to stock your pantry and even accompany you to the grocery store if desired.

Raw Food Training

Emily has a passion for sharing the techniques of raw, vegan, and plant-based food preparation with others. She believes strongly that the future of our health starts in our own kitchen and thus feels that everyone should know how to prepare nutrient-rich, delicious meals. She demystifies the secrets to plant-based food preparation.

Her raw food training courses include a set menu (typically 3-course), which she prepares together with the class, giving everyone a chance to see first-hand the steps to creating each item. She draws on her years of research and health-coach training to provide the health benefits of ingredients and offers tips on stocking a pantry and fridge. The class enjoys the full meal together.

Emily’s courses are currently offered in New Orleans and LA but she will be expanding to online courses in the future.

Recipe Development & Menu Planning

Through Emily’s formal training at Matthew Kenney Culinary School and her many years preparing food and developing recipes in her own kitchen, Emily has a strong talent for crafting nourishing and unique foods that delight the palate. She develops recipes and menus for cafe’s and juice bars, food companies, wellness and corporate events, private dinner parties, and news publications.


Emily Leefe-foster

Certified raw-food chef from Matthew Kenney Culinary
Certified health coach with The Institute for Integrative Nutrition

I am a raw-food, plant-based chef. I believe strongly in eating with the seasons. When it’s cold outside, I feel our bodies deserve warming, cooked foods that heat us up and nourish our souls. In the summer months, I am all about raw foods – lots of smoothies, salads, and cold soups – that keep us feeling light and energetic when the sun is beating down.

I long to get people excited about food and its powerful healing abilities. I believe above anything else that food is medicine; that we can drastically alter the state of our health by discovering foods that revitalize and nurture our system.

Amy Leefe-jones

Certified Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher
Certified Ayurvedic health coach with Anna Apotheca

I’m a life coach and Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher with a passion to help others feel successful, balanced, confident, and fulfilled.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a strong desire to help people feel happy. When I see people going through a tough time, I have a burning desire to understand why – to really get to the root of the issue and to help them get to a better place.

As a life coach I work with others to help them uncover past beliefs and emotional blocks that may be preventing them from getting what they want in life. I assist clients in discovering what lights them up (their passions/purpose) and work with them to set and achieve their deepest desires and goals.

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