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Established:            February 2016
Description:            The word of mouth travel network for millennials.
Founders:               Reto Bolliger, Daniel Louis, Sebastian Schmidt
Head Office:           London, UK
Industry:                 Travel, Leisure


We’re building the go-to platform for millennials that want to travel far from the beaten track, offering unique group travel experiences tailored to the needs and desires of mainstream travellers:

  • Authentic adventure trips

  • Complete travel packages

  • Like-minded travel groups

  • Fair pricing

At Follow Alice, we aspire to radically simplify the way people find, plan, and book unique trips to the most remote places around the globe. Our digital platform caters to the needs and desires of ordinary travellers providing them with everything a traveller needs for an unforgettable trip!

In 2015, four friends decided to embark on a trip to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Inspired by the breathtaking experience, we wanted to encourage other people like us to do the same. Coincidentally, our lead guide Chris wanted to become independent from his present company in order to build his own Kilimanjaro operator. Perfect timing! So after we came home, we started sharing the story of our amazing climb with friends and friends of friends, and shortly after ended up organizing the first trips to Mount Kilimanjaro. Overwhelmed by the great feedback and demand for more trips, we decided to develop further extraordinary travel experiences, such as gorilla trekking in Uganda, sailing trips to the Mediterranean Sea, husky tours in Lapland and many more..

Fast-forwarding to today, our goal is to have 10 trips fully developed by end of 2017 and we plan to expand up to 25 next year, keeping a portfolio of only the very best destinations around the world to be explored in small groups at different times of the year. Travel groups are usually made up of 6-12 people with an average age of around 25-30. Moreover, the unique word-of-mouth marketing model will ensure our community of diverse, but like-minded people will remain intact while we rapidly grow.

So to summarise: adventure, travel, fun, and meeting new friends - what’s not to love about that? Alice, I think I don’t need to worry about my travel plans anymore.. you got me covered!

Who the f*** is Alice?

Alice is young, foolish, and curious. She lives in the city but is always looking for an opportunity to break out of her daily routine and go on an adventurous journey to see the rest of the world. But that’s not enough! For Alice, a journey is best measured in friends rather than miles. It’s the people you meet that make travel the rich, vibrant experience that it is. Alice is therefore determined to excite others to follow and discover extraordinary adventures with her. Whether it’s coast or desert, the Amazon or Antarctica: Alice gets you on a trip that will make you feel exhilarated, excited, and alive.


Alice is searching for a cure for boring travel and an antidote to the internet's most common affliction: an overdose of options. Constant research, site visits, and local expertise within our large network of ambassadors allow us to curate a small selection of the very best adventure trips around the world. For each trip, we spend weeks on the ground fine-tuning the itinerary in order to deliver an authentic, life-changing experience. Life is too short to have a bad trip!


Off-the-beaten track adventures, local culture, and wildlife encounters are Alice’s bread and butter. But in the end, she can only do so much and needs the help of her local friends on the ground. We have therefore carefully selected and built up teams of local guides in some of the most remote areas around the world. Our guides are entrepreneurial and passionate people, proud of the places they live in and keen to share their knowledge and expertise with our travel groups. In return, we’re committed to helping them be successful participants in the local economy and build a better life for them and their families.


Alice loves diversity! Our travellers come from all over the world and all sorts of backgrounds, such as creatives, entrepreneurs, MBA students, consultants, etc. Despite the differences, we see great new friendships being built and laughter being shared from day one. How? Because no money is ever spent on big, broad advertising campaigns to acquire random new travellers somewhere on the internet. We'd rather focus on bringing like-minded adventurers together through the power of word-of-mouth. Thus, Alice is surrounded by a carefully vetted community of ambassadors with large powerful social networks that help her spread the word and attract new travellers to our groups every day.


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Reto Bolliger - CEO

Reto started off in a punk rock band, playing around 50 gigs as the front man. After the band broke up, he had a sideline of DJing for student parties and electronic parties across Zurich which helped him pay the bills as a student. Reto’s passion for music was so strong that it led him to study the Science of Music at the University of Zurich. But, after a year, he realised it was a bad idea and switched his major to the more sensible option of Banking and Finance. This is how he got his first job in cross-asset derivative sales at Goldman Sachs in London. Six years later, he took the opportunity to return to his rocking past by launching Hypesong together with a friend, a tech startup that links record labels to emerging new artists. Reto has since handed over the reins to Hypesong and launched Follow Alice with his travel buddies.

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Head Office      
Address:              54-58 Kingsland Road
                             London, UK

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Little does Alice know she has so many followers....

Kilimanjaro with Follow Alice was an extraordinary experience and I would recommend it to anyone who longs for a taste of adventure and nature’s greatest gifts.

Organisation was impeccable, and the guides who took us (ALL) to the summit were experienced and warm, leaving none of us with any doubts about the ‘piece of cake’ it would be to get to the top.

Everything before and after the trek was also very well organised - including, my favourite, our individual Kilimanjaro beers at the Park’s exit after our summit.

— Julia Sekula, Kili Trip 2017

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Ex-punk rocker turned Goldman Sachs ED is now looking to connect with millennial thrill-seekers

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