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Online marketplace bringing healthy, nutritious food to companies & events
Riya Grover, Lyz Swanton
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London, UK
Health and Wellness, Food and Beverage, Delivery, Catering


Feedr is an online platform with a curated selection of over 100+ artisan caterers, restaurants, and healthy eateries from across London. We’ve vetted food vendors who produce high quality, nutritious, and delicious food and made them available for breakfasts, meetings, lunches, and events in the workplace.

We make it simple for companies to place group food orders online and customise orders to the needs of their workplace or event. We also run daily or weekly lunch programs in offices allowing employees to buy healthier meals for themselves. By using a unique operations model and bundling to drive savings, we enable individual employees to buy healthy meals for £6-8 per meal, with no delivery fees.

Our History

Founders Riya Grover and Lyz Swanton share a vision to make healthy, delicious food accessible in people’s daily lives and to promote London’s most innovative and quality-focused vendors.

Feedr started by connecting offices with delicious, healthy meals and has expanded its footprint to enable people to buy lunch for themselves in their workplace. Individuals can sign up in a few clicks and pick from a daily rotating menu each day, which has a unique and exciting collection of offerings. With Feedr’s intelligent order management and logistics system, we are able to deliver meals priced <£8 without a delivery charge. Feedr also enables further savings by buying meal packs.

We are hoping to reinvent food in the workplace. Feedr removes all hassle from the equation and allows people to reconnect with food in a simple and convenient way. We recognise the significant impact that quality food can have upon team meetings and events, so we seek out the best suppliers across London and deliver quality food directly to the office.

We actively support the Akshaya Patra Foundation, donating a meal for a meal. So every time you place a lunch order with Feedr, you’ll be donating another nutritious lunch to a school child in rural India.


Riya Grover

Riya recognised that food preferences have evolved significantly in recent years and an increasing number of people aspire to eat well, a sentiment she very much shares. To feed this growing appetite for healthier food, the business model of Feedr allows meal orders to be bundled together within workplaces and campuses to make deliveries more efficient. As a result, Feedr has created the capacity to serve 10,000 meals across London each day.

Riya is the marketing, sales, and product brain of the business, bringing experience from Deutsche Bank, PepsiCo, and a number of startups. She holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from Oxford University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Lyz Swanton

Lyz joined Riya on the mission to bring better food to London offices after finding it shockingly difficult to find good office food, despite there being great producers in London. Lyz is a foodie to the core, having grown up eating mostly farm to table in her native Vancouver, and is passionate about building more sustainable food systems. She is the operations and analytics brain of the business, and manages Feedr’s vendor community.

Lyz’s previous experience ranges from strategy consulting with Oliver Wyman to project management at the Clinton Health Access Initiative, and strategic support at various non-profit and social enterprises. She holds an MBA from London Business School.

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Kings Cross, London, UK
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