company overview

Established:            2014
Description:            Mobile Payment App for the Full Service Restaurant and Bar Industry.
Founders:               Charlotte Dales and Michelle Songy
Head Office:           London, UK
Company Size:       15
Industry:                  Apps, Technology, Hospitality, Restaurant and Bar, Mobile Payments, FinTech


CAKE is revolutionising the way restaurants and bars engage with their customers. The mobile payment app seamlessly connects customers with restaurants and bars, allowing them to book a table, then view their bill with options to itemise or split, and even earn credit back to spend. CAKE not only eliminates the hassle of cash and card payments, but also provides invaluable and actionable data back to the venue to drive revenue and increase loyalty and retention. 

Working hand in hand with venues, CAKE fully integrates with Point of Sale systems, enhancing customer insight and marketing data collection for venues. Our relationships with some of the most well-known brands in London means that CAKE is now processing more payments than the traditional methods of cash and card in over 70% of our venues. With growth rates averaging over 20% month-on-month, CAKE is constantly on the lookout for new and existing venues who wish to dramatically improve the customer experience.


Restaurant Benefits


Point of Sale integrated

Lower merchant fees

No walkouts

Faster table turnover


Automated data collection

Integrated customer profiling


Credit based loyalty scheme

Clear ROI on your marketing spend

Tailored communications

Real-time guest management

Highly-personalised standard of service


Waitor incentives provided to sign up customers

Regular giveaways and competitions


Customer Benefits


Explore restaurants and bars in your area, or discover new places by using the filtering options


Tab streams live to your phone

Pay whenever you're ready by splitting the bill evenly or picking specific items


Earn credit back when you spend

Credit can be saved and spent at any CAKE places, so tonight's dinner funds your morning breakfast

Founder bios

Charlotte Dales - CEO, Co-Founder

Charlotte Dales.jpg

Between 2008 and 2013 Charlotte was an executive at Deutsche Bank in New York and London, after studying financial journalism at the University of Colorado, and working at CNBC. At Deutsche Bank she was a business analyst and later an associate, working with trading desks all over the world. Charlotte came up with the idea of CAKE as a newcomer to London always exploring the restaurant scene. A New Orleans native and foodie, she missed attentive service, waiters that know your name and order, and the ability to leave a tab at your favourite restaurants, always feeling like a valued customer. After watching Uber and Hailo lead mobile payments in the transportation space, she thought there must be a tech-enabled solution to streamline booking to payment for restaurants, especially as their systems are fragmented and they have a lack of marketing information of their customers. She soon met up with friend from home and current co-founder, Michelle, to embark on leaving her corporate job to start CAKE.


Michelle Songy - CMO, Co-Founder

Michelle attended the University of Georgia before working for Coca-Cola in hometown Atlanta, Georgia for five years in a variety of financial roles in Europe and North America. In 2014 after deciding to build CAKE with Charlotte, Michelle left Coca-Cola to work at her local favourite restaurant in order to learn the hospitality business from the ground up and create a new system for restaurants that streamlines their systems and help improve the customer experience. Her and Charlotte raised seed investment to obtain Entrepreneur visas to start their mobile payment app, CAKE, in London. They also raised £1.1m on Crowdcube in 2015. 

contact information

Telephone:          +44 20 7097 1290 or +44 (0) 7397086808 (Annie)
Press Contact:    Annie Johnson -
Address:              Unit 1, Royle Studios
                             41 Wenlock Road
                             United Kingdom
                             N1 7SG

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PRESS articles

Marketing Week - February 2016

CAKE announced as Marketing Week's 100 Most Disruptive Brands in 2016.

Payment Week - January 2017

CAKE is paving the way for better customer service. Award-winning chef, Tom Aikens has joined up with CAKE to provide his customers the enjoyment of dining out without any hassles.

Retail Times - January 2017

CAKE brings the data-driven, targeted marketing model that drives e-commerce businesses to the physical world of hospitality.

Press releases

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Cake frees up our floor and bar staff from taking multiple payments whilst giving the customer a fun and innovative experience. We then work with Cake to understand our customers better and keep them coming back. The staff also love it due to the great benefits. Everyone wins!
— Alex Potter, Owner of The Rum Kitchen
CAKE gives customers more autonomy and they can make the payment in their own time. They don’t have to wait for a waiter or waitress which is a real benefit.

Often there are relatively large groups and customers like to be able to split the bill through CAKE. This can be done very easily.
— Marc Jacques Burton, Co-founder of Tonteria
We all have ideas of when our business is busy, what products guests enjoy and who are guests are but Cake can ensure these opinions are truly informed ones.

Being able to see what guests have been purchasing throughout the night means we can tailor very bespoke service to those guests, which improves the guests experience and also gives us the opportunity to maximise their spending.
— Filippo Previero, Head Barman at Mr. Fogg's
CAKE made paying the bill a breeze at Villandry Grand Cafe last week. Didn’t have to wait around to catch your waiter’s attention! I could pay when I wanted and for once all my friends paid an equal share of the bill. We even tipped our fantastic waiter Pablo through the app.
— CAKE Customer

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