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Established:            2016
Description:            Premium health-food convenience store.
Founder:                 Brian Francis 
Head Office:           New York City, NY
Locations:               SoHo, Midtown, Times Square
Industry:                 Health & Wellness, Food & Drink


Elevated Convenience.

Nostalgia meets wellness at Bridges General convenience stores. With a curated offering of healthy,
responsibly-sourced snacks and premium lifestyle brands, all in a beautifully designed space, Bridges General has created a remedy to improve the lives of urban citizens. Forget the chemicals and additives peddled by other stores and enjoy the better, more nourishing alternatives on offer.

Bridges General offers a curated product range of healthy, responsibly sourced snacks, best-in- class lifestyle brands and premium essentials in a beautifully designed space. We are a compact and healthful amenity to commercial, residential and public destinations, creating a ‘third place’ and
remedy that improves the lives of urban citizens.

Our shelves are stacked with better, more nourishing alternatives to the junk you'd find in most
convenience stores. Get what you want, without the usual GMO's, chemicals and additives.
We are proud to work with some of the most ethical and sustainable products and brands available.
Through the Bridges community we are able to make a positive difference and give people access to products and companies that are doing things a better way.

Bridges is a curated selection of items representing three distinctive categories:

  1. SNACKS & DRINKS: healthier, delicious foods that are responsibly sourced and mostly non-GMO / organic
  2. EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS & PERSONAL CARE: stylish office supplies, technology accessories & natural beauty & health items
  3. PREMIUM ACCESSORIES & GIFTS: Aspirational objects and artwork from some of our favorite brands and artists

In the olden days, general stores were destinations for the local communities. One such store was Fain's, a pharmacy and general store in downtown Tallahassee, Florida, operated by Llewellyn Fain, the great grandfather of Brian Francis, Co-Founder of Bridges General.

Fain’s, like many other stores of its kind, was a place that created and fostered connectivity within the town. Bridges General is the modern interpretation of these general stores. Conveniently located in premier metropolitan locations throughout the world, Bridges is a destination for the modern lifestyle.

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Brian Francis, Co-founder


Brian Francis is a seasoned entrepreneur with extended experience in the management consulting industry. Before joining Bridges, Brian served as Creative Director of Red’s Outfitters and as an independent consultant and designer.

Brian has extensive experience working in the convenience store industry, managing three engagements with the multibillion-dollar family-owned company, RaceTrac Petroleum. Following Brian’s guidance, RaceTrac successfully implemented new customer experience strategies that were rolled out to more than 300 stores nationwide. Following RaceTrac, Brian leveraged his expertise to work with brands such as airport retail store Bijoux Terner, HBF Hospitality, and Pepsi Cola.

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Head Office       
Address:              New York City, New York


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