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Established:            2017
Description:            Barista-brew freshly bottled to make your coffee yourself.
Founder:                 Lukasz
Head Office:           London, UK
Industry:                 Coffee, Food & Drink, Cold Brew, Health, Wellness


Finally, quick coffee is great coffee. 

Better taste, better energy, better for you. 

Each bottle of Bottleshot Brew holds 7 shots of fresh, barista-made coffee brew. 7 shots for 7 cups so you’re set for the week. Like espresso, pour a shot and mix for a delicious cup of coffee - cold or hot. 

Plus, we deliver bottles direct to you. 

Ready. Shot. Go.


We bottle and deliver to be convenient, but it's our brew that makes the difference. Thanks to the beans we use and our brewing process, our coffee is delicious and healthier for you. 

Our baristas soak the best Arabica beans in cold water for 16 hours to make the perfect concentrate. It's tastier with better caffeine, and healthier for you. 

Better flavour (less bitter) 
Bigger power (cold brewing preserves the caffeine) 
Less acidic (better for your teeth and stomach)

Our story

We started as a coffee cart in Parsons Green, Fulham every morning (and yes we're still here too!). 

Our motto is "NEVER GIVE UP" and it's our passion to help people get the best start to their day. It's not just caffeine to us - it's better, healthier coffee with a little bit of daily motivation. Because we could all use a strong start to our day along with a little reminder we can do it. 


•Caffeine with a pick-me-up that lasts
•Beans for a taste you deserve
•Delivered so when you need it it's there

owner bio

Lukasz - Founder, Owner

Lukasz has been running Never Give Up Cafe in Parsons Green for several years and is excited to finally be bottling his high quality coolbrew coffee for people to make it themselves. If you'd like to stop by and say hi, Lukasz is still making coffees for his loyal customers everyday in Parsons Green. 

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Head Office       
Address:              Parsons Green
                             London, UK

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