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Organic premium açaí berries & dragonfruit smoothie bowls
Rayder Machado
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London, UK
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AmaVida is a London-based business importing açaí and dragonfruit products from the depths of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil to the UK.

Our mission is to encourage a healthy lifetyle and share our passion for açaí by offering a product which is organic, rich in nutrients, and tasty!

Through the sale of our superfoods we also promote our love for the Amazon rainforest and organic farming. We support a sustainable industry that ensures fairness to local communities and connects conscientious consumers to quality, sustainably-produced natural products.

This is why we stand by our slogan: Love The Amazon, Taste The Berry!


Our History

Two Brazilian vegans met in London training together in martial arts and formed a mutual bond over health, fitness, and the desire to build a business with positive socio-economic impact. In martial arts, acai bowls are a main staple of the balanced nutrition diet needed for advanced competitors. A couple of years ago, health and wellness communities began to see the benefits to acai that fitness warriors had been benefitting from. It quickly became the number one superfood in the world.

We take particular interest in the traditional methods used to pick our acai berries. River dwellers take their boats down the Amazon river and scale trees with palm leaves on their feet to climb to the treetops where the berries are kept. They pick barrels of berries and carry them back to the port. Because of its short lifespan, acai producers must ensure that the entire process takes place in no more than 24 hours. The berries can be freeze-dried and turned into powder. They can also be turned into juices, smoothies, and other types of drinks. And once AmaVida’s label has been attached to our products, the acai-based products will soon find their way to over UK based restaurants, cafes, gyms, and food stores.



Rayder Machado – Founder

Rayder was born in Brazil in 1984, and at the age of 18 he joined the army for three and a half years. Upon leaving the army, he moved to London in 2005.

For the last 4 years he has been training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu at Roger Gracie Academy. In July 2013, he won the gold medal at the British Open Jiu-jitsu competition for his category.

Rayder has always been an active person with a real interest in sport and believes his past experience helped him gain a range of skills useful for running a business, alongside a natural disposition to networking and engaging with people. For years he has been looking for a career where he could make a profit but also help people and the planet. AmaVida ticks all these boxes and he is proud to be the face and promoter of this business.


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227-229 Kings Road, London, UK (pop up)
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At AmaVida we are passionate about superfruits;wild-harvested, Organic, Raw, Rich in nutrients and benefits, energetic and yet tasty!


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