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Wildly delicious nut and seed butters, made with healthful ingredients and no palm oil
Keeley Tillotson and Erika Welsh
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Portland, Oregon
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Keeley and Erika started Wild Friends in their college kitchen with a dream to make food friendlier and a belief that when you eat friendly, you feel friendly! We use the best ingredients from nature to make wildly delicious and nutritious foods that will keep you fueled and feeling your best.

How Wild Friends lives their mission:

– Healthful, simple ingredients
– Delicious taste for joyful eating and sharing
– Socially responsible business practices
– Giving back to empower girls to be smart, strong and bold

Wild Friends is known for making nut and seed butters that taste wildly good and are made with friendly ingredients to keep you feeling your best. Available in a variety of flavors from Classic Creamy Peanut Butter to Chocolate Almond Butter to Honey Sunflower, there’s something for everyone’s taste. Wild Friends has also created innovative Super Butter blends made with honey, chia, and flax as well as a line of Collagen Nut Butters, in partnership with Vital Proteins. Most recently, Wild Friends brought the benefits of nut butter to hot cereal with their new Oats and Nut Butter cups line for an easy, all-in-one breakfast boosted with delicious nutty protein.

How do they make it so good? Trusted farmers grow Georgia peanuts and California almonds that are double ground to create a uniquely creamy, velvety texture. Making the best-tasting nut butters on the shelf is Wild Friends’ top priority, which means leaving out unnecessary sweeteners and oils like palm oil, which decreases flavor and can harm the environment.

Wild Friends gives back to their community through initiatives with Girls, Inc. of the Pacific Northwest and other local nonprofits in order to empower the next generation of girls to be smart, strong and bold.


Keeley Tillotson and Erika Welsh

One rainy day at the University of Oregon, we were in our college apartment, scraping the bottom of yet another empty jar of peanut butter. As hungry college students and athletes, we ate a lot of peanut butter, and we were seeking healthier, more delicious options than what we could find at the store. So, we decided to try making our own! That day, Wild Friends was born.

Less than a year later, we left our college lives behind to pursue our peanut butter dreams. Since starting Wild Friends in 2011, we’ve launched a wide variety of nut and seed butters that are sold in thousands of stores across the country. Through all these changes, one thing has stayed the same: Our passion for delicious products made with the healthiest wholesome ingredients we can find.

We’re on a mission to make the world a friendlier place, one bite at a time.

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1001 SE Water Ave Suite 430 Portland
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