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Kara Brook Brown


Waxing Kara’s mission is to sustainably handcraft incredible honey and beauty products using all-natural ingredients that wouldn’t exist without bees. They emphatically promote a socially-conscious message that focuses on educating the public about the importance of bees and why we must all help to preserve our little friends for the sake of the environment.

Waxing Kara draws inspiration from nature’s bounty and the understanding that consuming both healthful and environmentally-conscious products is integral to feeling and looking your best inside and out. ‘Queen Bee’ Kara encourages us all to equally treat our bodies and the environment with the utmost respect as they are inextricably linked.

This highly eco-friendly brand produces sustainably sourced ‘Farm to Body’ products, including honey scrubs, body balms, and soaps all from their beautiful bee-friendly farm. At Chesterhaven Beach Farm in Maryland, Kara’s paramount concern is that her tiny friends have happy homes amongst the beautiful flowers and butterflies.

What truly differentiates Kara’s apiary is the vast 40 acres of land used specifically and only by her busy little bees. By removing genetically modified crops from the area and propagating high nectar-yielding plants, Kara has created a safe haven for her tiny friends. Instead, she’s planted only indigenous flora like wildflowers, lavender, fruit trees, clover, sunflowers, and many more to help keep her bees happily buzzing.

Through mindful and environmentally-friendly practices, Waxing Kara has effectively cultivated a thriving and happy colony of bees. The fact that not all of her crops can be harvested and sold is a testament to her dedication to the cause.

As long as the bees are happy, Kara is happy.


Kara Brook Brown

‘Waxing Kara’ developed organically from Kara’s artistic background. Kara always enjoyed using the unique method of painting with beeswax and, in 2010, started beekeeping herself to sustainably provide for her encaustic paintings.

Throughout this process, she learned more and more about the importance of bees and their role in supporting our entire planet and improving overall sustainability. Honey is a truly precious resource and current research about declining bee populations worldwide inspired Kara to make her own contribution to this startling issue. Soon, her passion for natural skincare products inspired her to expand her business and Kara began creating delicious honey treats and skin-loving bath and beauty products.

At her busily buzzing farm in Maryland, Waxing Kara has truly created a little slice of honey heaven where bees can naturally thrive. Her organic products are made with a genuine passion for nourishing the mind, body, and spirit.

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