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Products for badass women
Cara Delzer, Santhi Analytis, Gabrielle Guthrie
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San Francisco, USA
Health & Wellness, Tech


Moxxly makes products for women. First up: a smart breast pump system that enables women to pump with their clothes on while receiving data about their supply.

Moxxly is female-founded, San Francisco-based, and keenly focused on designing products for women that are as beautiful as they are functional.


Cara Delzer, Santhi Analytis, Gabrielle Guthrie

Moxxly was founded in 2014 by three women with a passion for getting sh*t done. When Gabrielle Guthrie, while finishing her masters’ in design at Stanford, first saw a breast pump, she was all “Wait, what is that thing?!” and immediately began the redesign. Meanwhile, new mom Cara Delzer had returned to her post-MBA corporate job with a breast pump slung over her shoulder.

A few weeks of undressing awkwardly in small, cold rooms around the office, she was all “No more! I’m out of here!” and quit her job to create a better solution. Around this time, Santhi Analytis was finishing her PhD in mechanical engineering at Stanford, looking to apply her background in medical devices and robotics to women’s health. The first time she saw a breast pump, she was all “I will not have kids until I fix this!” and got right to work. A team was born. Its mission: to give women the best product experience that technology, design, and empathy can deliver.

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1777 Yosemite Ave #235 San Francisco, CA 94124
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A new dawn for breast pumps and other products
The Wall Street Journal

Recently, as I gazed into the prototype of a smart breast pump, I had a vision of the future. I saw an age in which new products—actual, physical electronics products—will go from idea to store shelves in a matter of months.

Silicon Valley reinvents the breast pump
California Sunday

On a recent Monday, four women gathered at a swanky coffee shop in San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood and politely asked an unshaven engineer to move down so they could access an outlet.

We need a better breast pump and we need it now

There are too many reasons moms leave the workforce. Pumping should not be another one.



“It is easy to use, set up is one minute and it is very light. I love that it is only 3 pieces each so it makes washing easier and quicker. You can truly use it with any bra.”


“I would say that the Flow is simple to assemble and use. Also, that’s hands free aspect is fantastic especially for a working momma.”


“I didn’t realize how dehumanizing it was to take off my shirt and bra twice a day at work until I didn’t have to do it anymore. I feel so much more comfortable pumping now that I can just discreetly slip on Moxxly Flow”


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