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LICKALIX is committed to utilising only the most natural and organic goodness in all their products. They use 100% organic ingredients to make both their ice lollies and BABY CÜBES. BABY CÜBES are blended fruit and vegetables made into frozen timesaving cubes for your little ones. All LICKALIX products are totally free from all allergens, including nuts, lactose, gluten, and dairy. They simply want everyone to be able to enjoy natural organic goodness with no nasty additives!

LICKALIX emerged from a genuine love for real, wholesome ingredients. Founders Karis and Dominic wanted to start a business together and found a gap in the market for ice lollies that followed this simple ethos. Karis had been making lollies for her friends and families, they couldn’t find anything like it on the market. They were inspired to create their own range of organic, all-natural, and genuinely healthy lollies.

After testing out their creations, it was clear that their recipes were going to be a big hit. It was then that LICKALIX was truly born! To spread the lolly love, the two decided to purchase Kenny the vintage VW camper van to travel the country and offer their range of allergen-free and delicious ice lollies for everyone to enjoy.



Karis and Dominic Gesua

LICKALIX was founded by Karis and Dominic Gesua. They were unhappy in their jobs until they decided to change their lives to be happy again. Soppy but true! They had always wanted to start their own business that could make a difference to other peoples’ lives – and so they did.

Karis often made ice lollies for her friends and family using real whole fruit. They were always a hit! It quickly occurred to Karis and Dominic that it would be a great idea to expand her passion for natural delicious food into a business as there were no other organic, all-natural ice lollies on the market made with real whole fruit.

When their son was born a couple years later, Karis created BABY CÜBES to allow her to feed him nutritious meals packed with fruit and vegetables as she is a busy mum with very little time to cook.

They want to help similarly busy families who are short on time lead healthier lifestyles by eating delicious and healthy food that they may not have time to make themselves. By having LICKALIX and BABY CÜBES at the ready in your freezer, you have more time to feed your family healthy alternatives and therefore more time for family fun! Their business follows a simple ethos: great quality, all-natural food that the whole family can enjoy.


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LICKALIX ice lollies are made with real fruit.



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“For dessert, we teamed up with ice-lolly makers, LICKALIX, to create incredible organic ice lollies that are handmade in the UK and contain zero nasties – just natural, healthy ingredients. Trust us when we tell you, they’re delicious”

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