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Helen Kohnke
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Studying the natural world through my mind’s eye. Communicating with materials to expose the raw and intimate relationship between color, form, and space.

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I have been painting ever since I can remember. Art has always been my most natural form of expression. I find inspiration in my surroundings and in nature. I have innate desire to capture the essence of the world around me. Whether it be a simple object or a grand scene, there is always something beautiful to see. I am an artist because art is how I process the world and communicate my vision.


Helen Kohnke

Helen Trimble Kohnke is an artist from New Orleans, Louisiana currently based in New York City. Helen finds inspiration in the simple yet intricate elements of the natural world. With an abstract approach, the artist paints her subject the same way she experiences it.

Dissecting fragments of light, shape, and color, she reveals a heightened focus on the tangible world. Helen demonstrates a vulnerable relationship with mother nature and encourages her viewers to get present.

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