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Live stream interactive boutique HIIT, competing by wearing heart rate monitors
Elliott Perry, Matt Quinn
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London, UK
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The idea behind Flex is to make fun, invigorating, and addictive workouts more accessible to everyone, regardless of how much time or space they have available. It’s founded on the idea that while exercise is integral to our overall well being, it can oftentimes be difficult to fit into our busy lifestyles.

While we know that exercising at home can be the easiest and fastest way to get your sweat on, workout videos tend to be boring, artificial, and overall lonely experiences. By connecting with Flex, users are instantly transported into a live class with real people, creating a more engaging and competitive environment.

Heart rate monitors and a scoreboard keep you on your feet by keeping track of users’ % of heart rate max. This competitive aspect pushes each user to work even harder, resulting in a more effective workout than normally achieved alone. In short, expect an addictive, sweaty, and raw experience unlike anything you’ve ever achieved from just working out at home.

With great instructors, contemporary music, and a vibrant community, Flex aims to be a household name for fitness.


Elliott Perry

Elliott, a developer from the University of Sunderland with an expertise in business and computing, initially worked in various corporate environments and found himself unhappy and unfulfilled. He worked at a series of firms and technology startups but quickly became bored of each. Harnessing his own passion for fitness and nutrition, he eventually came up with the idea behind Flex.

Matt Quinn

Matt initially studied engineering at the University of Southampton before realising that it was truly not his calling. Despite a series of different engineering and accountant jobs, he remained unhappy with his career and desperately searched for his true calling. By chance, he met his similarly fitness-obsessed and soon-to-be cofounder Elliott. While not expecting much to come out of their initial meeting, a solid friendship was born and they both fell in love with the idea of Flex, an innovative and convenient way of integrating more fitness into your busy daily routine.

In our hectic modern world, it can sometimes seem impossible to fit in that much-needed workout. Matt and Elliott truly believe they can change the experience of exercising at home into an addictive, engaging, and fun activity that pushes people to their limits in a positive way. While their journey has been full of ups and downs, they are committed to increasing our accessibility to fun and effective workouts, enabling and inspiring a new generation of individuals to better integrate fitness into their daily lives. Through pure grit and commitment, Matt and Elliott have finally found their true calling and are eager to share their excitement for Flex with you.

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