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Deliciously healthy dips and snacks made from rescued, wonky vegetables
Hannah McCollum
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London, UK
Food & Drink
Ocado, Wholefoods, Selfridges, The Grocery, Eat 17, Amazon Fresh and many other independents in and around London (as well as for Food Service)


ChicP is a raw houmous company that produces unique alternative dips using a variety of fruits and vegetables. Their passionate commitment to reducing food waste inspired ChicP to utilise wonky British crops that are rejected due to their size or shape to create their delicious dips.

Did you know that 40% of British crops are rejected because of their shape or size? In fact, 1/3 of the food we produce in the UK is never eaten. This means that more than 600,000 tonnes of food are thrown away by restaurants each year and 300,000 tonnes by supermarkets. On top of all this, the adult population generally wastes another staggering 7,000,000 tonnes.

The list goes on…

ChicP was ultimately created to counteract these problems by reducing food waste. By using perfectly fresh fruit and vegetables that would typically be trashed due to their size or shape, ChicP has truly positively impacted our environment. By educating the public about how to reduce their output and eat well, this wonderful company has helped promote healthier lifestyle choices for people throughout the UK.

Their current range includes three healthy, natural, vibrantly coloured, and unique flavours that are sold in most of London’s top independent supermarkets, Ocado, and on Amazon Fresh.

These include Herby Houmous; Beetroot Houmous; and Carrot, Ginger, and Turmeric Houmous. They are launching a brand new flavour Spiced Pumpkin in November.


Hannah McCollum

Hannah McCollum wants to change the way people approach cooking and waste.

Over the last eight years, Hannah has cooked for families across the UK and continental Europe, predominantly as a private chef. Hannah often found herself converting leftover Middle-Eastern style veggie dishes into dips for the next meal. People began to ask, “what’s the dip of the day, Hannah?!”.

However, it was during her time working in catering and events that Hannah witnessed the colossal volumes of food wasted. Her love for healthy, fresh, and locally-sourced foods and her passion for creating new dishes from the food we already have in our homes inspired Hannah to start a company that could truly make a difference.

Shortly thereafter, Hannah founded ChicP, a company that creates healthy vegan houmous to combat the growing problem of unnecessary food waste in the UK.

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30A Furness Road, London, SW6 2LH
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The last five years has seen the return of Doc Martins, the jelly sandal, and the scrunchie, but one trend that is sure to make a more meaningful impact on the world could be summarised by the age-old mantra waste not, want not.

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Like many British Asians, I grew up in a household full of the smells of spice, the sound of lamb sizzling and the steady beat of a knife chopping coriander and ginger.

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Founded by Hannah McCollum, ChicP was set up to revamp unhealthy houmous options, whilst trying to prevent food waste.

The sustainable houmous brand you need this Christmas
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The sustainable houmous brand, ChicP is delivering a delicious and environmentally friendly option for your Christmas party, both at home or in the office.


“Houmous went down an absolute treat – everyone loved it! They really couldn’t have gone down better here -consistency and texture is perfect”

RudeHealth Team

“We have absolutely loved working with Chic P and Hannah. They have a wonderful product and fantastic idea so we wish them all the best for the future. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive – not only from our customers but everyone in the MC office who received Houmous in their boxes too. Delicious, feel-good food :)” “

The Mindful Chef

“Everyone went NUTS!! They’re absolutely delicious! It all went in one lunch… ALL of it!”

Propercorn Team

“Thanks for the houmous! The marketing team absolutely loved it. The flavours are so unique – will definitely buy more in the future”

Josh @ The Idle Man

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