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True bone broth: obsessively crafted, traditionally made
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OUR STORY: We’re not jumping on the bone broth band wagon. Our bone broth roots go all the way back to 2006, when our founder first used bone broth to heal her son of chronic illness. We don’t consider bone broth to be a trend; we regard it as a time-honored healing tradition.

OUR MISSION: To help people heal themselves with real food. We believe that the human body is designed to be well and it can heal itself when given the right nutritional tools. Our founder saw, first-hand, the healing power of bone broth and real food, first with her son and then with thousands of clients all over North America. It’s our mission now to bring abundant wellness to the world by making it possible for modern consumers to return to the traditional practices of our ancestors – eating the food they ate, cooking the way they cooked, and living the way they lived (as best as possible).

OUR INTEGRITY: We will not compromise on ingredients or production methods in order to make a more profitable product. When we launched, almost every “expert,” advised us to make our product shelf-stable, because it’s cheaper to ship and people are used to shopping for broth on the shelf, in the center of the store. But we knew that to make our product shelf-stable we’d have to compromise on the integrity of our bone broth and we are not in this to have a business, we are in this to help people heal their bodies. The only way people are going to reap the healing benefits of bone broth is if it’s made correctly and we weren’t willing to compromise in order to make things easier on us from a business standpoint. It might not be convenient, or the fastest path to growth, but we don’t believe in fast-food, why would we practice fast-business? We know that if we stay true to creating products with integrity, the right buyers will find us and we will be successful.

OUR BROTH: Not all bone broths are created equal and, in fact, not all “bone broths” are even made with bones, as the term “bone broth,” is not currently regulated by the USDA. This means that companies can basically package up anything and call it “bone broth” – and they do. We offer the best bone broth on the market because it’s made correctly (with the right ingredients and preparation method), it’s stored correctly (it’s frozen, not shelf-stable), and it’s certified organic. This is what we call TRUE bone broth.

  • INGREDIENTS: When creating the recipes for our bone broths, we chose every ingredient with care and for a purpose. Our recipes use minimal ingredients, so as not to upset sensitive digestive systems. Our bones are sourced from sustainable farms and are grass-fed and pasture-raised. Our water is triple-filtered. When making our bone broth we ONLY use bones – we do not add meat or filler broth (as some other brands to) to our recipes in order to cut costs or make more broth faster.
  • PREPARATION METHOD: We are committed to making a bone broth that’s healing and that most closely mirrors the bone broths our ancestors made for thousands of years. When first crafting our recipes, we obsessively tested simmer times for each type of bone to ensure that our broth contains the maximum amount of nutrients and collagen – none of our bone broths are simmered for less than 18 hours. This cook time ensures that the components in the bones have enough time to breakdown and release into the water. Because every animal is different, and, therefore, every bone and every batch of bone broth is different, we review each batch to ensure that it has simmered for enough time to meet the standards of a quality bone broth – sometimes we simmer up to 24 or 48 hours.
  • OUR GEL: You can tell that our bone broth is made correctly (with the right ingredients and proper cook time) and is full of collagen, minerals, and other amino acids because it takes on a gelatinous texture when it’s cooled. This is because collagen turns to gelatin when it’s cooled. We like to say, “the wellness is in the gel-ness,” or, “TRUE bone broth: you can tell by the gel.” Or, to put it bluntly, “TRUE BONE BROTH GELS.”

CERTIFIED ORGANIC: We are certified organic, which means that we have to adhere to strict organic guidelines – everything from our ingredients to our packaging and production meet rigorous organic standards. It costs more and takes more time, but we do it because it matters.

WE ARE FROZEN: We store our bone broth by freezing it. Freezing preserves nutrients at their peak, it is the way our ancestors preserved their food for hundreds of years and it enables us to store our broth without using preservatives or shelf-stabilizers.


Sharon Brown, Founder & CEO; Reb Brown, Co-founder & COO

In 2006 I was a mother at her wit’s end. I had a six-year old son who had been on and off antibiotics since birth, suffering from chronic sinus infections, ear infections, and respiratory infections. I knew there had to be another way. I began searching for alternative solutions, and, finally, I came across the concept that bone broth could help strengthen the gut lining, and, therefore, heal the immune system. I removed all processed foods from my family’s diet and incorporated bone broth into every meal we made.

After three months my son had not needed antibiotics once. Six months went by. Then nine. Then a year. The healing power of real food and traditionally-made bone broth had changed my family’s life. I had to do something with this knowledge and experience, so I became a certified clinical nutritionist, and opened a nutrition practice in Del Mar, California. Within a year I had a four-month waitlist. Bone broth was a cornerstone of my healing protocol. But, unfortunately, traditional bone broth is hard to make and even harder to buy.

Back then, no one was selling bone broth that met my standards, so, I convinced my husband, Reb, who is a professionally-trained chef, to create a recipe from my ingredients, and a preparation method that most closely mirrored what I was doing in my own kitchen. In 2011, we launched Bonafide Provisions with the mission of making traditionally-prepared bone broth available to all those who need it.

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