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Award-winning supplier of ethically sourced, high-quality, and organic Moroccan argan oil with sustainability, integrity and ethical farming at its core
Dana Elemara
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London, UK
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Arganic is an award-winning supplier of ethically sourced, high-quality, and organic Arabic argan oil with sustainability, integrity and ethical farming partnerships at its core. They believe in the gifts of nature and that in a world of innovation, it’s key to preserve ancient traditions and timeless classics. By selling the purest ingredients, Arganic has nothing to hide behind and takes pride in their uncompromised quality.

Argan oil is one of the rarest and most ancient ingredients in the world. It’s been used for centuries by the indigenous Berber people of south west Morocco and comes from the UNESCO protected Argania Spinosa tree. Argan oil is valued for its unique Vitamin E-rich composition and is known to aid digestion, reduce bad cholesterol, and help regulate blood sugar levels. Externally, it is believed to have anti-ageing qualities and is especially beneficial for dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis.

All of Arganic’s oil is sourced from their partner farm, Sidi Yassine. This single-farm system means that all oil is consistent in quality and completely traceable. Moreover, all trees are tested for health before the fruit is extracted and the farm itself supports the local Berber women by providing employment and fair wages. Arganic is also Soil Association-certified organic and entirely undiluted.

Unlike other argan oils on the market, Arganic’s culinary oil has a lighter colour and deliciously nutty flavour. To preserve its incredible benefits, all seeds are carefully toasted as opposed to burnt. In comparison, their cosmetic oils are not toasted, allowing for a lovely, subtle fragrance that can seep deep into your skin without becoming greasy.

This genuine passion has also inspired Dana to give back to the communities she’s worked with in as many ways as she can. Arganic is committed to female empowerment, supporting small businesses, holistic beauty, nutrition, sustainability, and the preservation of ancient traditions.

Since the beginning, Arganic has supported over 600 indigenous Berber women in Morocco by creating opportunities for them to learn to read and write. Moreover, they’ve pushed for better working conditions and provided free creche and classroom facilities for their children while they work. It takes approximately 15 hours of hard work and 30kg of fruit to produce one litre of Dana’s pure argan oil, therefore ensuring the highest level of working conditions is vital to the brand.

Sustainability has also been of utmost importance to Dana and her team. For example, not a single drop of argan oil is wasted during production and their trees are protected by UNESCO.


Dana Elemara

Dana Elemara, a proud Londoner born to Iraqi refugees, has always been passionate about health and heritage. Following a successful career at Goldman Sachs, she knew it was time to change paths and pursue her real passion.

Dana’s mother, an established doctor and purist insisted that everything her family consumed had to be made from scratch and was as economical as possible. She made sure to explain the nutritional benefits of every ingredient she used in her dishes, which included pomegranates, walnuts, and lentils. This Arabic pantry allowed her to create fast and simple dishes that were both delicious and extremely healthy.

Regularly consuming nutrient-dense food means naturally shiny hair, a glowing complexion, and an uncomplicated beauty regime. Dana grew up using olive oil in her hair and rosewater on her skin. She wholeheartedly believes that natural and simple is the way forward and there’s simply no going back.

Soon, Dana fell in love with argan oil after hearing about it from a family friend. Her passion for this wonderful oil shines through all her high-quality products and support of local Berber communities in Morocco. Determined to build a brand based on honesty and integrity, Dana spent two years researching and learning about local Berber farmers before launching Arganic in 2012.

While it’s been a surreal journey for Dana and her team, she’s found her progress nothing but incredibly rewarding yet overwhelmingly natural. At a market in 2012, the very first bottle of argan oil happened to be sold to Tom Dixon, one of Dana’s favourite designers. Six years later, every incredible opportunity Arganic has come across has always been met with the same appreciation and gratitude as it was on Day 1. It didn’t take long for Arganic to pique the interest of world-famous chefs like Yottam Ottolenghi, a huge supporter of Dana and her work.

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The interview: Dana Elemara, founder of Arganic

Arganic was started to make a meaningful impact on the world. Seeped in history and tradition, this wonderful company works with a partner farm Sidi Yassine in a beautiful village in the south west of Morocco, to produce fully traceable organic Argan Oil.

Word of mouth: Arganic, argan oil for the table
The Telegraph

For centuries Berber women have picked the fruit of the argan tree to turn it into oil for cooking and for nourishing their skin.


“We love what Arganic stands for: taste, quality and innovation.”

Yotam Ottolenghi

“Your argan oil elevates the taste of the humblest meal to become exquisite, exotic and delicious… an excellent product that reflects the care taken to produce it.”

Tom Hunt, The Sustainable Chef

“I’ve really enjoyed using Arganic oil; the flavour and quality of the product is fantastic’”

Deliciously Ella

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